The Transportation Practice at Cassiday Schade has extensive experience in defending what often are catastrophic accidents involving trucks, trains, buses, vans, automobiles and other modes of transportation. We have a rapid response team in place, which is on-call 24 hours a day. The team is comprised of a select few attorneys, accident reconstructionists and investigators who work on transportation cases on a daily basis. This team can be immediately dispatched to preserve and document physical evidence at the scene, inspect the vehicles, and perform a download of the electronic control module.

Cassiday Schade also defends cases where the defendant’s first notice is the lawsuit. Our experience in driver qualification and retention issues, and in both spoliation of evidence and punitive damage claims in the specific context of transportation litigation, has helped drive down indemnity payments. It is Cassiday Schade’s philosophy to perform an early case assessment of both the liability and damage aspects of each case. This analysis often leads to an early resolution of the case by way of an alternate dispute mechanism. Mediations have been very successful as plaintiffs are often unrealistic in their expectations of the value of their cases.

Cassiday Schade draws on its work and qualifications in the defense of medical malpractice cases, to assess and defend the damage aspect of transportation cases. We have been successful in limiting damages, particularly when we contest the nature and extent of plaintiffs’ claimed injuries. Our transportation team works in conjunction with the coverage department when there are issues involving tenders of defense, contractual indemnity, insurance policy interpretation, and coverage litigation between insurers.

Cassiday Schade has defended large motor carriers as well as small owner-operators. We have been retained directly by truck companies as well as by insurance carriers in this niche market. We are active in the Transportation Lawyers Association (TLA) and Trucking Industry Defense Association (TIDA) and have published articles in other transportation industry newsletters. We are dedicated to the defense of the unique issues facing the transportation industry.