Professional Liability

Our practice groups handle professional liability matters involving accountants, architects and engineers, attorneys, nursing homes, officers and directors, paramedics and psychologists. Each of these practices require an in-depth understanding of the profession itself, as well as the legal principles and trial strategies that need to be applied to successfully handle a given suit.

Professional liability cases are often complex, both factually and procedurally. We are proactive and aggressive in evaluating those complexities with our client, and we know the importance of understanding burdens of proof, standards of care, and the need to promptly identify the right consultants and experts. We strive to involve our clients in all aspects of litigation, keeping them informed and seeking their input.  We stay abreast of case law and developments in the profession so that we can bring the highest level of knowledge and understanding to a given case.

Our contacts with experts and consultants are diverse and far reaching, and our extensive professional liability trial experience speaks for itself.