Our Insurance Practice Group is comprised of attorneys who understand insurance and how to best address issues in light of the client's specific objectives and overall company strategy. Our attorneys focus on using their talents and resources to achieve the best possible result at the earliest possible time. Whether it be for policy interpretation, underwriting, regulatory, or extracontractual matters, we believe in providing prompt, direct advice regarding the risks presented in a given situation, with a realistic analysis of the client's options. 

When litigation is indicated, whether in the courtroom or through arbitration, our strategy is to work proactively with our client, planning in advance and seeking to control the direction of the case, while emphasizing efficiency in our approach. We believe that taking control of the litigation from the onset and shaping the issues for the court or arbitrators permits us to obtain the best possible result.

Our philosophy also includes finding creative alternatives to litigation, which can be of great assistance and value in handling complex insurance matters. These alternatives include contractual resolutions, standstill agreements, and mediation through various sources and methods. 

We have the resources and flexibility to support a breadth and depth of client needs. We act as national or regional counsel for certain clients, and often share the responsibility for monitoring and handling claims. We keep extensive multi-jurisdictional libraries on current issues, maintain client archives, and utilize our skills to achieve results and effect agreed-upon strategies in the most proactive manner possible.

At Cassiday Schade, the overriding goal of the Insurance Practice Group is to achieve client objectives with an unwavering focus on communication, efficiency and positive results. We measure success in these terms and, ultimately, in our many longstanding client relationships.