Environmental and Toxic Tort

Our experience covers multiple areas. In toxic injury matters, we have an extensive background in defending actions involving alleged exposure to numerous products, including asbestos, silica, lead, manganese, chromium, nickel, ethylene oxide, pesticides and petroleum chemicals. We have an excellent track record in handling the complex legal, scientific and medical issues presented in these matters, which often involve multiple plaintiffs and various jurisdictions and venues.

Our environmental work also encompasses the representation of owners and users of hazardous waste sites in both direct actions by adjacent landowners and in agency proceedings and related litigation.  We also have extensive experience in underground storage tank cases.

We bring to each case a group of attorneys with significant experience and a track record of proven results. We have been successful in handling mass tort litigation in numerous states. Our technological resources have allowed us to handle these cases efficiently and expeditiously.

We were the first firm to represent corporate defendants in cases alleging overexposure to manganese. Since that time, we have successfully tried a number of these cases to jury verdict in various states.

In addition, we have handled numerous lead poisoning cases alleging both direct and secondary exposure, as well as property damage due to the presence of lead on commercial premises.

The Environment and Toxic Injury Practice at Cassiday Schade is often retained to deal with critical problems on an emergent basis. Our work in all areas is supported by both our state of the art technology and our vast resources with respect to experts and consultants. No matter what the issue, our overriding goal is the same: to bring our clients the best possible result through proactive and individualized service at a reasonable cost.