Practice Chair


Our attorneys pride themselves on providing the most effective appellate product possible. We tailor our strategy to the case at hand, and we take pride in the original perspective and fresh ideas we bring to every appeal.

We recognize the important distinction between trial and appellate work. We understand the need for appellate attorneys with outstanding research, writing, and oral advocacy skills. We also appreciate the myriad substantive and procedural complexities of an appellate practice, and we realize that know-how in handling these issues is critical to our clients' cases. Our appellate attorneys approach appeals with the same scrutiny that will be brought to bear by the justices of the reviewing courts.

We also work with our clients to analyze the propriety of settlement, as well as the impact the case may have on the industry affected and on existing precedent. If an appeal can be resolved short of filing a comprehensive brief, we seriously evaluate other avenues of relief.

We have extensive experience in state and federal appellate courts, as well as the Illinois Supreme Court and the United States Supreme Court. We have also filed amicus briefs in a variety of reviewing courts in order to protect the interests of our clients even where they are not parties to the litigation.

With our extensive experience, familiarity with the nuances of the various state and federal reviewing courts, reputation with the court justices, and track record, our attorneys truly enhance the clients' probability of prevailing on appeal. Our interdisciplinary approach to appeals enables us to streamline the work involved in each appeal and pass this cost savings on to our clients. We are also able to advise our clients of the impact the particular case may have on the industry at large or on the development of the law in that area.

Our appellate attorneys also service our clients by getting involved early in significant cases or where questions of first impression are pending in the trial courts. They are frequently consulted on pre-trial issues such as discovery orders, evidentiary rulings and motion practice. We do not view post-trial proceedings as pro forma. We assign an appellate attorney to the trial team at the post-trial stage, and we recognize the importance of raising and properly preserving issues for appeal in a post trial motion or response. We maintain an electronic docket of our appeals which enables us to provide our clients with an up to the minute report on the status of any appeal.

We are also unique in the importance we place on oral argument. We do not view oral argument as a proceeding in which the briefs are reiterated, but rather, as an additional opportunity to persuade the reviewing court of the correctness of our client's position. We understand the court's purpose in hearing oral argument, and we maximize our department's unique skills by having the appellate attorneys, with rare exceptions, present the oral argument.

Our experience in state and federal reviewing courts is reflected in our success rate, the number of appellate cases we handle on a referral basis, the positive feedback from reviewing court justices, solicitations to participate in significant cases as amicus curiae and our clients' overwhelming satisfaction with this aspect of our practice.

Finally, we keep our clients closely informed of the appellate proceedings and developments. We encourage their input and their attendance at oral arguments. Our clients' involvement in the appellate process has yielded tremendous satisfaction in and greater understanding of the process.