Health Care

Since the firm’s inception, Cassiday Schade has represented Chicago's top hospitals and health care providers in the successful defense of medical malpractice, insurance, and commercial litigation. That representation led to the natural expansion of legal services to meet our clients’ operational, business, and risk management needs. Our broad experience and our in-depth understanding of the day to day issues facing health care professionals provide us with a unique perspective on how to minimize risk, prevent litigation, and avoid contract disputes. 

We work with health care clients to review and draft critical documents, including contracts, consent and confidentiality forms, IDFPR statements, and policies relative to patient care. We also advise on new legislation and regulatory compliance in matters such as HIPAA, PSO, EMTALA, the Illinois Medical Studies Act, the state and federal nursing home statutes, the Illinois Hospital Licensing Act, the EMR, e-discovery, document and specimen retention, medical staff issues, IDFPR representation, and the expanding use of non-physician healthcare providers to render patient care. In addition, we design and implement policies and procedures relative to virtually any issue facing today’s health care organizations. 

Cassiday Schade’s Health Care Law Practice Group is a team dedicated to meeting the growing operational and compliance challenges of healthcare institutions. The members of our practice group are well versed in current regulatory law and are frequent lecturers and presenters at medical institutions. Our diversified client base includes teaching hospitals, multi-state regional hospital systems, community hospitals, physician practice groups, insurers, nursing homes, ambulatory surgery centers, clinics, and professional organizations. We understand our health care clients’ non-litigation needs in ways that only actual experience in litigation can teach. Our mission is to become the full service law firm for each of our healthcare clients.