Practice Chair

Mediation and Arbitration Services

As the costs of litigation rise, the need for and use of alternative dispute resolution methods also continues to increase. Not only do our attorneys represent clients in mediation and arbitration proceedings, attorneys in the firm’s Mediation and Arbitration Services Practice are certified to serve as either arbitrators or mediators in settling these types of matters.

Cassiday Schade is a firm with over 30 years of active trial and litigation experience. We are experienced litigators and understand the importance of looking at a dispute from all sides when negotiating a resolution. Successful mediators and arbitrators must be objective and proactive. Our attorneys are skilled in the techniques that best ensure neutrality and yield productive outcomes. All members of this practice are engaged in other substantive practice areas within the firm; their years of trying and negotiating cases and knowledge of their practice industries are a strong complement to the dispute resolution process. 

Mediation brings parties together and is often considered when other attempts at resolving the conflict are unsuccessful. Our attorneys are selected as mediators because they are fair and work diligently to recognize all of the issues involved in the dispute while acting as a neutral, third party to help resolve the issues. They often work with parties to facilitate communication and overcome obstacles to settling the conflict; they may also assist parties in reaching a fair valuation of a case. Our goal as mediators is to develop good rapport with all parties and achieve voluntary settlement that all sides agree upon. Members of the Mediation and Arbitration Services Practice have experience mediating cases in multiple areas, including medical malpractice, legal malpractice, product liability, construction liability, business litigation and automobile litigation among others.

Attorneys at our firm serve as arbitrators both individually and as members of arbitration panels. Our arbitrators are judicious in their review of all of the facts and application of the law and have great respect for their role in deciding the outcome. As most arbitrations are binding, it is especially important that arbitrators possess a high degree of experience in fair and impartial evaluation of the cases before them. Cassiday Schade arbitrators are members of the American Arbitration Association. Members of the practice have served as arbitrators for cases involving, among others, catastrophic personal injury, wrongful death actions, and uninsured and underinsured motorist matters by insured’s against their carriers.